“The teacher’s role is to present certain barriers that the student has to surmount. At first they are small, but as he progresses more is required of him. Finally he gets to a point where he can no longer return to life, to sleep, and yet he is not yet awake. He is presented with a difficult barrier, and he cannot get over it. He may then “turn against the work, against the teacher, and against other members of the group.” . . . Sometimes he may be made to leave it intentionally; he may be put in such a position that he is obliged to leave, and for good reason. He is then watched to see how he will react. Generally, in such cases, the one who leaves turns against the work. When a student asked Gurdjieff what happens to such people, he replied, “Nothing.” There is no need for anything to happen. They are their own punishment.” – Mr. G.